The Claude-Brunet Foundation is a non-profit organization, incorporated in Canada in 1985 by the co-founders the late Claude-Brunet and the late senator and cardiologist Paul David, according to the Canada Corporations Act and then continued under a certificate continued on December 11, 2014, under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.

Since 1985, the Foundation has been authorized as a charitable organization to issue receipts for tax deduction purposes.

Its mission, its objects are:

  • Protect and defend the right of Canadian and Quebec patients to receive the best, most humane care, wherever they are and whatever their condition, at the best possible cost;
  • Provide financial assistance to any charitable organization registered under the Income Tax Act of Canada, which promotes the well-being and rights of the rights of the sick and elderly, including the Conseil pour la protection des malades Inc., an organization also registered as a charity for the purposes of the Tax Act;
  • provide moral, educational and material assistance to people with disabilities regardless of their race, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, political belief, language, ethnic or national origin or social condition;
  • no pecuniary gain is authorized for its members or administrators acting in this capacity;

all property remaining at the Foundation, after payment of debts, will be distributed to one or more charities recognized in Canada.

Any person or company interested in making a donation, a legacy, in any circumstances, can contact us for assistance so that it can both help the work of Claude Brunet and the Conseil pour la protection des malades and at the same time comply with applicable tax rules.



Don Fondation Claude Brunet