Welcoming words

Words from the chairman of the board

The Conseil pour la protection des malades (CPM) began its 48th year of existence this year and just like all of you on committees and other occupations, it always stay busy. When the 50th anniversary comes, we will have to celebrate.

Indeed, the CPM has never been in such demand regarding all the issues related to the health care and social services. You yourself, in your committees, realize the importance of your action in the local or regional level, first of all through your involvement, then through your relationship with the CPM.

It must be remembered, it is your work, it is the work of each one, within the committees and other forums in which you participate and of which you keep us informed, that makes the CPM a work so important in Quebec and so credible with the authorities, the other groups and the media.

Thank you for your support.

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