Board of directors

    • Me Paul G. Brunet, President and Chief Executive Officer
    • M. Pierre Hurteau, vice-president
    • Mme Micheline Boucher-Granger, Treasurer
    • Mme Ginette Boisvert, Secretary
    • Mme Nicole Johnson, Administrator
    • Mme Marielle Raymond, Administrator
    • M. Daniel Pilote, Administrator
    • Mme Nicole Trottier, Administrator
    • Mme Seeta Ramdass, Administrator
    • Mme Ginette Desmarais, Administrator
    • Mme Claire Morin, Administrator
    • Mme Francine Leroux, Administrator


The corporation…

The Conseil pour la protection des malades (CPM) is an independent non-profitable organization, founded by the late Claude Brunet in 1974. The purpose of the CPM is to defend and promote the rights of users to receive dignified and adequate health care; regardless of their illness, disability, sociocultural background, religion or sexual orientation.

The CPM wishes to express its gratitude to all those who have been involved in the mission since 1974: to defend the interests and rights of the users of the Quebec health and social services network.

The corporation includes different categories of members, namely :

  • 1) active members;
  • 2) affiliate members;
  • 3) Emeritus members;
  • 4) honorary members;
  • 5) Health Protection members.

Individual members are people who support and share the goals pursued by the organization and who wish to be involved in determining its general direction. Affiliate members are users and residents committees from various health and social services institutions throughout Quebec. Regrouped within the CPM, they are assured of the necessary support for the realization of their mandate focused on promoting the improvement of living conditions and the defence of the rights and interests of the users of the health and social services network. Health Protection members are people who make a financial contribution to the CPM and receive individual legal assistance.




Pour en savoir plus

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