Health Protection


  • For yourself or a next of kin
  • 49,95 $ per year per person
  • Payment by recognized credit cards
  • Rate also available for families
  • Other services also available
  • For more information, contact us at 514-861-5922 or

Provided services :

  • Information and support for users of the health and social services network.
  • Information, advice and tools to facilitate access to :
    • a better relationship with your doctor;
    • a diagnosis or document held by a care facility;
    • find a place to stay for yourself or for a next of kin.
  • Information and legal advice concerning your rights, your appeals are :
    • consent to care;
    • forced care order;
    • bodily injury suffered in a care facility.
  • Formulation and follow-up regarding a complaint to the health network or health professionals.
Protection santé
Protection santé famille

(4 personnes d'une même famille)





The “Health Protection” program offered by the Conseil pour la protection des malades provides the member with a support and information phone service with one of our agent trained in the defence of the rights of the users of the health and social services network, all within the bounds of reasonable use and consistent with our expertise.

More specifically and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the annual subscription to “Health Protection” is subject to the following terms and conditions :

  • we guarantee a call back within one business day;
  • an annual maximum of 5 phone conversations of no more than one hour each with one of our agents;
  • an annual maximum of 3 external communications (phone call, letter or email) to a health institution or health professional (in the event that our agent considers it appropriate to intervene directly with the actors concerned by the reported problem of the member).

It is also agreed that “Health Protection” is an information, support and advice service offered to users of the Quebec health network. Therefore, we cannot IN ANY CASE initiate or take legal action on behalf of the member or offer the member any promise of result, especially concerning the access to health care offered by the public network, registration with a family doctor or the exercise of clinical judgment by a health professional.

It should be noted that if the member wishes to cancel his or hers subscription for a reason of dissatisfaction with the services offered under the “Health Protection” program, a refund corresponding to 50% of the annual fees paid will be proposed.


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