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Health protection

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the Conseil pour la protection des malades


Our dynamic and highly qualified team is composed of legal advisers specializing in health law 

They intervene annually in more than 100 files at the request of committees of users, residents, citizens, associations and institutions using their services.

Health protection

For yourself or a next of kin
  • Provided services

    • Information and support for users of the health and social services network.
    • Information, advice and tools to facilitate access to :
      • a better relationship with your doctor;
      • a diagnosis or document held by a care facility;
      • find a place to stay for yourself or for a next of kin.
    • Information and legal advice concerning your rights, your appeals are :
      • consent to care;
      • forced care order;
      • bodily injury suffered in a care facility.
    • Formulation and follow-up regarding a complaint to the health network or health professionals.

Salon Visez Droit

You are cordially invited to visit the Salon Visez Droit 2021. This virtual exhibition hall is organized by the Bar of Montreal, in which the Council for the protection of the sick takes part every year. Simply click on the image below.

The Conseil pour la protection des malades (CPM) has been working for over 45 years to respect and advance the rights, dignity and quality of life of those who use the services of the health and social services network in Quebec.

The invaluable support of the CPM donors allows it to maintain the many services and support it offers to the people.

The donations granted are thus directly rewarded by the well-being of the users of the health and social services network and by the increased respect for their rights.

We sincerely thank all those who contribute directly or indirectly to allow the CPM to remain an important player on the scene of respect for the rights of vulnerable people.

Help us continue to represent the voices of vulnerable people in the major debates that drive the health and social services sector.

Your support is vital. You can help by making a one-time, monthly or by will donation.

A tax receipt will be issued for any donation of $ 25 or more. If your donation is less than $ 25, please send us a request.

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