Fédération des comités des usagers et de résidents du Québec

Advantages / benefits offered to members of the FCURQ

When joining the FCURQ, you will be issued a membership certificate. You will automatically gain access to a whole ensemble of services and advantages, all benefits of being a member of an association who represents you with the health and social services network authorities, while keeping you at the cutting edge of information.



The FCURQ promotes exchanges between committees across the province with its members forum.


Outreach and exposure

The FCURQ allows its members to benefit from local and national exposure. It also organizes an annual conference, regional symposiums, to name a few.


The team

Our team is composed of legal advisors. Our force is built with our continuous improvement.


Our means of action
  • Inform and give advice to health and social services network users through our newsletter or our free information phone line;
  • Submission of briefs to defend the interests of users in public consultations on draft laws;
  • Filing of class actions to defend the collective rights of users;
  • Educate the media and the general public on current issues.


Our services
  • Customized consulting services for users and residents committees;
  • Work tools developped to support committees in performing their duty;
  • Mediation and conflict resolution services;
  • A referral service to multiple instances of resources and services within the health network.


A dynamic representation

The FCURQ represents you on numerous committees, boards, and work and concertation tables.


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